Common questions

1. Who is GoCloud.group?

We are an international BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company based in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Novi Sad (Serbia), operating in the countries of Southeast Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Albania). We provide virtual BPO services to European and US companies in the fields of call centers, customer care, human resources, data processing, research, IT, marketing, finance, and administration.

2. What does GoCloud.group do?

We offer our clients a variety of cooperation opportunities. From classic call center activities to specialized headhunting. However, our focus is and will remain multilingual and omnicultural customer service. You can find an overview of the current campaigns on our website. Apply immediately and become our virtual employee!

3. What does virtual employee mean?

In contrast to other homework opportunities, our virtual employees are permanent employees with an employment contract. The work is done from within their own four walls, and all our communication is virtual. You don’t even have to leave your home office for training.

4. What are the requirements for a virtual employee?

Depending on the campaign, the requirements vary. The best option would be to have a look at the current campaigns yourself. In most cases, a foreign language at a native speaker level is already sufficient for a job. An additional skill (experience, technical knowledge, special education, etc.) is an advantage and can be helpful/critical for another campaign.


Organizational and technical requirements

1. What technical requirements do I need to meet?

To work in your home office, you need a computer (or laptop) with a Windows operating system (Windows 8/Windows 10. No MAC), a USB headset, and a stable internet connection via LAN cable with at least 6 Mbit/s download speed and 1 Mbit/s upload speed.

You can find further campaign-specific technical requirements in the overview of current campaigns on our website.

2. Can I work via my smartphone/mobile/telephone?

No, unfortunately not. The work can only be done via PC/laptop.

3. What organizational requirements do I need to meet?

To work from your home office, you need a lockable workroom which is not accessible to third parties during working hours. We will discuss further data protection measures before the training starts.

4. From where can I work for GoCloud?

You always work from your home office. Depending on your contract with the cooperation partner, you may be able to work exclusively from your registered address or somewhere in your home country. Of course, you will be informed about this in detail.
The GoCloud.group is active in the following countries in Southeast Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro & Albania.
Due to data protection regulations, it may not be possible to run our campaigns in all countries.

5. Which data protection measures are still necessary?

Confidentiality and data protection are a top priority for us, and therefore we are very strict about this. In addition to the above mentioned technical and organizational measures, every virtual employee must sign the following contracts with us:

  • Employment contract with articles on data protection;
  • Confidentiality agreement;
  • EU Data Protection Clause;
  • Other campaign-specific contracts and consents.

Depending on the client, further data protection measures may also be required.


Application process

1. Do I have to pay for anything?

No, the necessary software is provided free of charge.

2. When can I start?

After you have successfully completed the application process, it depends on when the next training for our campaigns starts. It can take a few days, but sometimes 2-3 weeks.

3. What happens with my applications and information?

Data protection is very important to us. GoCloud will not share or sell your personal information to third parties.

4. What is the application process?

When you apply, you answer a few questions, and voila, you are right in the middle of our recruiting process! How exactly that process looks like, you can see here: Career


Working at GoCloud

1. When I work for you, who can I contact if I have any questions?

If you have technical challenges at work, the Online Supervisors (OSV) will help you. Our team leaders are at your disposal for professional questions. They are your first and personal contact person. You can find more details about the exact contact persons on our information board in Slack!

2. What does my job at GoCloud look like?

Which specific activities are waiting for you depends on the campaign. More information can be found under the current campaigns or directly in the cloud interview.

3. How do I get prepared for the campaigns?

For each campaign-specific task, there is a detailed theoretical training, which you can attend from home. This is followed by a virtual Training-on-the-Job session. This means you will be intensively accompanied by our team leaders during your first steps in the campaign, so you are perfectly prepared and can get started.


Earning & promotion opportunities

1. How much can I earn as a virtual employee at GoCloud?

This varies depending on the campaign. You can be paid per hour or per processed transaction (e.g. voice, chat, email). You can find detailed information in the overview of our current campaigns on our website or in the cloud interview.


2. How many hours can I work per day/week?

Since you determine your work schedule, there is no minimum or a maximum number of hours you have to work per day. However, 15 hours per week are the minimum hours. You decide on your working hours within the framework of the campaign-specific working hours.

3. Do I have career opportunities with GoCloud?

If your campaign is looking for a new team leader, you have the opportunity to apply for it. You will then go through an assessment in which your team leader suitability will be checked. The prerequisite is that you have already gained several months of experience in the campaign.

4. How does accounting work?

Payroll accounting is always done for a whole month, calculated from the first to the last day of the month, no matter when you started. Payroll is always paid at the end of the month for the previous month.

For example, let’s say that you worked from 01.09. – 30.09. (or shorter). We will then send you a payslip by 15.10. showing how much you earned in September. You then have 5 days to object if something is wrong. From the 25th until the end of the month, your salary will be transferred to your bank account.

5. How can I stop working for GoCloud?

The virtual employee has to give the employer a 14 days’ notice. Employer may dismiss the employee without notice, depending on circumstances.